Bengtson's Pumpkin Farm Attraction and Fall Fest

Bengtson's Pumpkin Farm Attraction and Fall Fest

Friday, Oct 30, 2020 from 11:00am to 9:00pm



Tractor Town

Families can take a ride on their own personal tractor (each tractor fits two adults and two children). The tractor will embark on an adventure in and around our biggest barn at the farm. Along the way there will be many animated characters and surprises to make it the most memorable tractor ride you have ever shared with your family.  Bengtson’s Farm is proud to be first in the USA to offer this incredible new ride!

Note: As long as small children ride with an adult, there is no height requirement for this ride.

90′ Mega Fun Slides

Be sure to check out the Mega Fun Slide at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest. This attraction is sure to be a family favorite for years to come. With SIX lanes you can now race your family members! Once at the bottom you can’t help but have a big smile on your face! Our Pumpkin Fest is a place where families can come bond and enjoy all the great aspects of fall while also appreciating one another’s company in a safe and fun environment. Visit us this September or October and take a ride on the slide!

- Minimum Height Requirement (with an adult): 32″
- Minimum Height Requirement (single rider): 42″

Barnyard Dance Cow Coaster

Let the good times roll (or spin) at Bengtson’s Farm Barnyard Dance Coaster. This whimsical spinning cow coaster is suitable for almost all ages. A gentle & smooth ride through the beautiful pasture area on the spinning cows is sure to make anyone giggle with delight.

- Minimum Height Requirement (with an adult): 39″-47″
- Maximum Height Requirement: 75″

Free Selfie Booth

Make sure to visit our Selfie Booth while you are here! We have a building that is beautifully decorated for you to take a picture with your family! After taking your picture, it will upload to a screen inside the building. You will then be able to email, text, or post your photo to social media for FREE! Watch your family grow throughout the years by making a visit to the Selfie Booth an annual family tradition!

Happy Swing

The Happy Swing is sure to bring a smile to everyone face, the names says it all! Young and young at heart! Enjoyable for all ages.
Minimum Height Requirement: 36″
Max Height Requirement: 75″

Gemstone Mining Sluice

Bengtson’s Gemstone Mining Sluice is one of the many attractions at the pumpkin farm that you don’t want to miss. Experience the RUSH, the same rush that Americans felt in the wild west as they panned for gold. Water rushes from the water tower, down a trough (known as a mining sluice), then you can use the specially designed sifting boxes to allow the water to uncover your riches. There are three different treasure bags of mining “rough” or sand from the mine available. Each bag will be certain to have a good assortment of gemstones or ancient arrowheads.  The mining rough, from our most productive mine here at Bengtson’s, even has been turning out a great deal of beautiful Emeralds gems. Once you finish uncovering what treasures your bag of rough mine material has in store for you, there is an identification chart that you can use to determine just how diverse and beautiful your bounty happens to be. This hands-on family activity is a great opportunity for the group to sort out the gems with the kids. This is a great learning experience, that will lead to tons of fun. So, come feel the rush that our American Ancestors felt as they worked hard for the hope of finding just a few gems, here at Bengtson’s you are sure to strike it rich each time.

Jimmy Cracked Corn Box

Bengtson’s Fest has something you won’t find anywhere else: The largest Corn Box in the good ole’ US of A! It’s like a sandbox but far more fun! Our Jimmy Cracked Corn Box is made up of 5,000 bushels of corn that’s 280,000 pounds of corn. Kids will love the corn excavators! Fun for the kids and the kids at heart! Come out and enjoy some time in the corn! You can even make a corn angel!

Pumpkin Chucker

Our pumpkin farm has so many attractions to see that you won’t know where to start. Our famous Pumpkin Chucker is one of these attractions. Capable of launching a full grown pumpkin over a quarter of a mile. The ‘Pumpkin Chucker’ air powered pumpkin cannon is always a crowd favorite. Enjoy the thrills as pumpkins fly through the air with our famous Pumpkin Chucker or Pumpkin Launcher (Catapult). Located on the south end of the farm, great view while riding a Hayrack Ride or while searching for the “Perfect” pumpkin in the pumpkin field. This seems to be a favorite of many of our customers. (Weather permitting)

Pig Races

RACE TIMES: running 9-11x Daily!

Race times begin one hour after the opening time to each day. The racing pigs will run every hour on the hour.

Monday thru Friday first race of the day is 12 noon and last race 8pm.

On weekends, we open at 10am and the first race will be @11am,  (last race Sat at 8pm and Sundays 7pm)

Hours posted at the pig races as well.

Suueeeeeee….How do they run so fast?!! These porkers can really set a quick pace. Your family will “squeal” with delight watching our fast-paced pack of pigs race to the finish. Join in the action packed fun of our Pig Races. See if you can pick the pig that will win it all! Each show offers 3 different races; all unique and entertaining!

This is one attraction you do not want to miss! Get ready to cheer and laugh, fun for the WHOLE family!

Start the fun early. Be sure to catch the pre-show, presenting: “THE PRAIRIE DOGS” performing 10x a day at the Pig Races!

Animals & Petting Zoo

Visit all the Adorable Animals at Bengtson’s Petting ZOO and all around the Farm…

EIEIO!! No farm is complete without animals, and at Bengtson’s, we have a Petting Zoo with a variety of animals that the kids can hand feed! Bring your camera, as this is a great opportunity for those special “awe” pictures.

You and your family can take a stroll to see the Baby Farm Animals, in the Baby Animal Barn, then visit the Moo Cow Corral, Hippity Hoppy Village, and the Goat House with a real Goat Walk and GOATS sliding down the slide! Don’t miss the chickens, turkeys and everyone’s favorite the exciting Pig RACES, 10 shows daily!

PONY RIDES are $5 each available for purchase at directly at the pony ride tent, next to the Petting Zoo.

There is an 80 pound weight limit for pony rides.

Train Rides (2)

The Hootenanny Railroad & the Clickety Clack Railroad!

All Aboard x 2  Choo! Choo!   Because the train ride is our most popular kiddie ride, we added a second station! Now the best thing is twice the fun!  Take an exciting train ride around the Pumpkin Junction and on the Newest train station the “Clickety Clack Railroad”.  Your kids won’t stop talking about for weeks to come! You can get a tour of the grounds on the “Hootenanny Railroad” as you sit back relax, and perhaps enjoy some Kettle Corn. Bengtson’s Farm has all the attractions you and your kids will love and that will have you coming back year after year. Now 2x more train fun! Toot! Toot! And most important don’t forget to bring your camera to catch those precious smiles on your little one’s faces.

Note: As long as small children ride with an adult, there is no height requirement for the trains

Frog Hopper

Bengtson’s Farm has attractions and kiddie rides that are sure to make your children giddy! The Frog Hopper rises up high above the farm and without warning bounces you back down! Sure to make your stomach drop and give you an incredible rush of adrenaline! Located behind the Hootenanny train ride.

Minimum Height Requirement: 36″

Flying Frogs Ride

Bengtson Farms’ Flying Frog ride is a favorite among our young customers. Sit inside one of six giant frogs, buckle yourself in then get ready to bounce like a frog while the ride goes around. Remember to keep your arms up while the ride bounces for the full experience! This ride is located south of the straw tunnel next to the Honey Pots.

- Minimum Height Requirement (with an adult): none
- Minimum Height Requirement (single rider): 36″

Twirling Honey Pots

Bengtson Farms has all the attractions and kiddie rides to make your day at the Pumpkin Fest more than memorable! The Twirling Honey Pot ride has six individual honey pots that sit on top of a larger spinning platform. Step into one of our Twirling Honey Pots and spin as madly or mildly as you want!

- Minimum Height Requirement (with an adult): none
- Minimum Height Requirement (single rider): 36″

Bengtsonville Kids Village

Take time to check out the Bengtsonville Kids Village.  A little town in itself; with Fire Station 1031, Little School House and a “Kids” Jail. Seating available to sit and relax while the kids play. Bring your camera, great photo opportunities! Enjoy some time in the shade in this secluded little offset area of the farm under the beautiful red maples as the fall colors filter the autumn sun in Bengtsonville. Located just west of the Hayrides.

Haunted Barn

Bengtson Farm loves all the fun parts of fall, but fall is not complete without a little scare!

To experience THRILLS and CHILLS, wander through our SCARY and completely animated HAUNTED BARN. You can find our Haunted Barn just west of the Kettle Corn building.

Our Haunted Barn may be too spooky for some little ones, so we make sure children under the age of 12 are with an adult!

The Milking Cows

Got Milk?

Special attraction at Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest

White visiting the pumpkin farm make sure to stop by to see “Elsie & Bessie”, life size milking cows. Kids and adults will enjoy the realistic experience of milking a cow (simulated). Handcrafted from Nebraska – everyone can try milking a cow! Elsie and Bessie are guaranteed not to kick, bite or make a mess, thank goodness! They are simply Moo-arvelous!

You and your kids will be sure to remember and love milking the cows; it is as close to the real thing as you can get! Be sure to stop in and meet and milk Elsie or Bessie!

No mess, no smell, just plain wholesome fun! Really…

Fun Barn

If our Haunted Barn isn’t exactly your cup of tea don’t worry. Have some fun at the Bengtson Farm Fun Barn. Take a leisurely stroll through the animated and amusing FUN BARN… great FAMILY FUN for all ages! The little ones will want to go through this again and again. So enjoy and take an extra trip through the barn if you have time!

Pony Rides

There is nothing quite as fun for a child as riding on a pony. Bengtson Farms offers $6 per ride, for the Pony Ride. There is an 80lb. weight limit for pony riders. You can find this attraction located next to the Petting Zoo.


Looking for the PERFECT PUMPKIN? We have it in our Pumpkin Patch!

Come and experience Bengtson’s Pumpkin Fest and choose your pumpkin from among tens of thousands in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have an AWESOME variety of pumpkins, over 300 Ton! Big, Small, Odd, Large, Funky and more…Pumpkins are purchased by the pound.

Our price on orange pumpkins are .39 cents per pound. Pumpkins can be purchased under the main building called Exit/Pumpkin Sales. We also offer a variety of unique and interesting pumpkins and gourds along with white pumpkins for $.50 a pound (based on availability, variety changes daily). Pie pumpkins are $2.50 each, located just west of the Honey Pots and Flying Frogs.

Also, we have wheelbarrows you can rent for $2 to help you move your pumpkins around and to your car. (A credit card deposit is needed for rental of wheelbarrow. Please see attendant for details). We have a limited supply so please feel free to bring your own wagon or stroller as well. The farm is stroller friendly, so bring it along!

We have everything you need to carve that perfect pumpkin. We have a large selection of pumpkin carving supplies, kits, tools, accessories and more for sale in the Halloween shop above the Haunted Barn, next to the Baby Animal Barn. Spend your day at our Pumpkin Farm and leave fully equipped for Halloween!

Pumpkin Care and Carving Tips:

- When selecting a pumpkin, choose one that is ripe, and has no bruises, cuts or nicks.
- Remember: Don’t carry a pumpkin by its stem; it may break. Don’t bruise the pumpkin or it will not last as long.
- Instead of cutting off the top of the pumpkin to remove the seeds try cutting off the bottom. This will allow the pumpkin to sit up straight and make removing the seeds easier.
- When cleaning out the pumpkin, use an old soup ladle to scoop out the seeds.
- Try carving a giant pumpkin. They are much easier to carve than regular pumpkins.
- Use bold simple features for the face.
- Use a marker to draw a face on your pumpkin before you carve it.
- Try carving a word into the mouth of the pumpkin, for example, carve the word ” BOO ” in the mouth of your pumpkin.

Remember: Knives are very sharp and dangerous. So make sure you have an adult help when carving your Jack O’ Lantern.