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Allstate Arena

6920 North Mannheim Road

Allstate Arena is celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

Opened in 1980 and operated by the Village of Rosemont, the Allstate Arena is a forward-thinking facility continuously striving to improve the fan experience and its environmental stewardship. It is conveniently located at the gateway to Chicago and its vast suburban residential areas, just minutes from the intersections of all major arterial expressways.


John Preston

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
There have a fleamarket there every Saturday and Sunday. Great place to go. They have everything imaginable. We bought batteries in the 40 pack brand name AAA and AA for 3 packs for $10.50 that's 120 batteries they were dated 2026. We bought strawberries 2 for $1.00 All kinds of great deals. Lots of vendors. Get there early to get the best deals.

Bob Bouse

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
The venue is clean and the seats are comfortable. Would always love more room, but its pretty good. Other arenas are tighter and more restrictive. So I prefer it here when possible. And the prices are high for food items, but less expensive than other places. So I appreciate that! I spend more here because of that.

Denny Wu

Sunday, March 4, 2018
As expected from most similar venues, prices are higher than most people would like. For those of you who are used to $10 beers and $20 parking, you'll feel right at home here. Prices aside, it's nice to have an arena closer to the suburbs. Many top tier shows come through here and I've personally seen Monster Jam, Chicago Wolves games, and Garth Brooks perform. Vendors are polite, never had an issue with any employees. Would recommend you check this venue out.

Laura Yurs

Thursday, March 29, 2018
I had the good fortune of seeing the Soul2Soul tour here (the married super country music couple of Tim McGraw & Faith Hill). It was fairly clean but the bathrooms were a complete disaster even from the early start before the concert began. This could easily be part for the course but be aware. Still, the stadium was easy to navigate especially with the help of kind & patient ushers.

Jennifer Rodriguez

Monday, May 28, 2018
Been to already a couple times here for concerts such as the B96 Summer Bash or the Jingle Ball. Just far warning to anyone coming for the radio concerts because people do tend to get WILD and especially since they serve alcohol here. I already had an incident where my friends and I were seated in the 200 section and someone behind us throw up 😪 when we went to customer service they gave us some free seating in the 100 section which was nice of them. They do sell food here but I haven't eat anything ever. Security is also alright.

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