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August Hill Winery

August Hill Winery
106 Mill Street

Open: Year-Round

August Hill Winery was built in July, 2004. The day before the first grapes arrived (September 19, 2004), we moved in tanks, presses and crushers to take on this first harvest.  Next to arrive was the bottling equipment and then the many family and friends to help us bottle and label the first bottles of August Hill Winery wine.  We have added additional equipment and even built a loading dock to help us handle all of the bottles that are now passing through the winery.  It is hard to believe that this building stood empty a few years ago when it was built.  It is now filled with wine-making equipment and wine.

The heart of the winery is the volunteers, family and friends who share our passion for creation. They help us with planting, pruning, harvesting, crushing, bottling, labeling, taste testing, transporting grapes and wine, repairing and so many other tasks that have contributed to our success.

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