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Catholic Theological Union

5401 South Cornell Avenue

In 1968, three religious communities came together and founded Catholic Theological Union (CTU). Their vision was to offer seminary students a priestly formation that mirrored the spirit of Vatican II–the renewal of the church.

Since then, CTU has become the largest Roman Catholic school of theology and ministry in North America. The school is a richly diverse mosaic of students who are internationally and ethnically diverse, men and women, religious and lay people, and multigenerational. The faculty are distinguished Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant scholars who write many of the leading books on theology and ministry, and are committed to mentoring their students. CTU is a community of people who share a common pursuit. Faculty, students, and staff members alike are united in their quest for unparalleled academic excellence, relevant ministerial leadership, and a life of devoted service.

Today, there are 32 religious orders within CTU. In fact, one in every six religious order priests ordained in the United States today is a CTU graduate. Over 3,200 CTU graduates serve the church across the United States and in 65 countries worldwide. They work in parishes, homeless shelters, prisons, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, gang ministry, hospices, and a myriad of other ministry settings.

Through degree programs and other educational and formational opportunities, CTU strives to educate effective leaders for the church–men and women of different races and callings, whose mission is to witness Christ's good news of justice, love, and peace to people of all nations.

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