Celebration River Cruises

2501 River Drive

Celebration River Cruises is a family owned and operated business. The Schadler family is involved in every aspect of the boat’s day to day operations from cooking the food fresh daily, helping serve their guests, keeping the engines running smooth, and even piloting the vessel.


Mitchell Militello

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Our group of 7 (ages 7, 8, 10, 14, 45, 45, & 76) all left the ship happy. The food was amazing, the staff was friendly, the ship was clean and smelled great. I stocked up on classic nautical stuff from their gift shop. For family bonding, nothing tops the Celebration Belle!

Tiffany Cox

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017

I was disappointed in this cruise. The staff all was very welcoming and we were there to celebrate a 21st birthday, but once we got there it seemed to go down hill. They apparently "undercharged" us originally and I walked out of there forking out almost $30 more dollars than the original $120 some I paid. Every time I started to enjoy the evening, something else bad happened. I walked away ready to cry. If I hadn't kept reminding myself to put a smile on my face because we were celebrating I would have been a lot more devastated than I was.

Tom Janes

Monday, July 3, 2017

Although I don't have any footprint on the web I feel compelled to share my experience on the cruise I took my Mother on Mothers Day. Mom is 80 and her friend Ruth and my kids went on a Mothers day cruise that was out of this world cool. Food was TOP SHELF, staff was friendly and quick to serve, Captain Scott Schadler was a real pleasure to talk to. Overall I would give this a five star rated experience. The old girls couldn't shut up about how delighted they were and how much the staff of the boat made them feel like royalty. Nice job and we will be back many times. Thank you for running a nice clean wholesome family oriented operation. FWIW the duo that was entertaining did a really nice job with music they provided and The female singer was dynamic and spot on with her vocals! Thanks!

Valerie Keeves

Sunday, July 30, 2017

I had my cruise planned for months and when it went to book it online the website wouldn't work. Not a problem, I called and talked to someone on the phone and they booked it for me. I wanted to add an extra package because we were celebrating a birthday and he read every single one to me and gave me a price. We decided on one and he charged my card. When we got there everything started off wonderful, very nice and friendly workers. With the package I bought, we were supposed to receive a bottle of champagne. When we never received it I asked about it, and they told me I got a different package. Heartbroken I asked to talk to someone. The waiter kept telling us the manager was busy. We ended up ordering the cheapest bottle on the menu and pointed to the price to make sure that was the one we would get. 10 mins later the manager comes and tells us that he will take $2 off our bottle. So we are thinking $6 since it cost $8 on the menu. He brought us 3 little bottles and tells us it's the same as one bottle. Doubtful sinice one bottle didn't even fill one wine glass. You sit with strangers and luckily we sat with an awesome couple who offered to buy us each a special drink. Super sweet! We picked the two we wanted and when the waiter brought them they weren't correct. I order a drink that was orange flavored and got a strawberry flavored one which ended up being good at least. The other drink we couldn't figure out what it was, but it definitely wasn't a mud slide. The package they told me I got was a cake and balloon one which was not worth the $20 they made me pay for it. The cake did taste good though, but too small for that price. The music was 60s and mostly slow romantic songs. Nothing you could dance to be besides slow dance. They did have good voices but didn't play while we ate which was disappointing. We were stuck in the middle of the boat so we couldn't see outside. I had to keep forcing a smile to be happy although everything for this perfect day went wrong. I was finally enjoying myself when I got the bill and that $6 turned into almost $30 because they chose to upgrade my package and we still didn't get everything that came with that. I walked away just wanting to cry. It was our first river cruise and it was disappointing. Although it wasn't a complete disaster I would not recommend this cruise.


Thursday, Sep. 21, 2017

This used to be a nice addition to the tourism in the area but the management has let it go downhill. What a shame it isnt ran more professionally because it could be amazing!