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Chicago History Museum

Chicago History Museum
1601 North Clark Street

Mission Statement
The Chicago History Museum is a privately endowned, independent instiation devoted to collecting, interpreting and presenting the rich multicultural history of Chicago and Illiois, as well as selected areas of American history to the public through exhibitions, programs, research collections and publications.

The Chicago Historical Society collects, exhibits, and interprets documents, images, and artifacts related to the history of the United States and metropolitan Chicago.

Its mission is:

To expand audiences for history
To be a leader in history education
To be a premier research institution

We recognize the contribution that historical understanding can make to American democracy and to contemporary life.

We recognize the contributions of all Chicagoans to the history of the city.

We respect the unique viewpoints, beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences that our visitors bring to the process of making meaning of the past.

We value the relationship we have with our diverse publics and respect the importance of forging and maintaining partnerships to help advance our mission.

We value truth-seeking through civil discourse and historical inquiry.

We value openness, honesty, and integrity in our professional relationships and respect our colleagues' unique perspectives, talents, and abilities.

We value excellence and strive to meet the highest professional standards in everything we do.

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