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Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House

Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House
409 South Buchanan Street


The Colonel Benjamin Stephenson House opens an enchanting window on cultural, political, and architectural developments during the early history of Illinois. 

Built in 1820 by skilled craftsmen using native materials, the two-story Federal Style house offers an elegant and classic illustration of how the upper class lived at the time.

The four-room home is an excellent example of architecture from this early period and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Illinois State Historic Preservation Agency includes it among only a handful of homes built in the first quarter of the 19th century that remain standing in Illinois. It is also considered the oldest brick home in Madison County, Illinois.

The Stephenson House is an important landmark in the establishment of Edwardsville -- the third oldest city in Illinois -- as a center of government and commerce. Benjamin Stephenson also played an important role in the emergence of Illinois from a "territory" into the nation's 21st state in 1818. 

Colonel Benjamin Stephenson (1769-1822) 

Benjamin Stephenson was one of the founding fathers of both the city of Edwardsville and the State of Illinois. With his good friend and political ally Ninian Edwards, who was the third Governor of the State of Illinois and namesake for the city of Edwardsville, Stephenson was instrumental in bringing law and order to the developing Illinois Territory. 

Stephenson was a true public servant at the federal, territorial, and town levels.

During his lifetime, he was a merchant, sheriff, bank president, Colonel in the Illinois militia, road commissioner, Indian agent, and member of the Edwardsville Board of Trustees. He was also one of 33 men who helped design the Illinois Constitution. Of those 33, his is the only home still in existence.

While serving in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1816, Stephenson was able to bring a Federal Land Office to Edwardsville, and President James Madison appointed him Receiver of Public Moneys to run it. Under Stephenson's supervision, Edwardsville was the largest selling land office in the U.S. The sale of public lands put much needed revenue into the Federal treasury and was the single most important factor in the rapid growth of Edwardsville as a center of economic and political power. Stephenson's success with the Land Office also made him personally wealthy.

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