Fort de Chartres Historic Site

1350 State Route 155

Fort de Chartres is the last of three eighteenth-century forts by that name erected near the Mississippi River by France's colonial government. From 1720 to 1763 French administration of the Illinois Country was centered at the forts, built successively over a 40-year period on or near the same site. The stone fort, built in the 1750s and abandoned in 1771, has been partially reconstructed to provide a glimpse of life in Illinois under the French regime.  Fort de Chartres State Historic Site, which also preserves the archaeological remains of the earlier wooden forts, is managed by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

Throughout the year there are many things going on at Fort de Chartres for the public to enjoy. These events may be found on our calendar which can be accessed by clicking on the button to the left. By clicking on the date of the event more information will pop up. Many of the events give you the opportunity to participate as well as learn about some of Illinois' earliest history such as Kid's Day and Colonial Crafts and Trades Day. We would also like to say do not miss the 38th Annual Rendezvous!. It is our biggest and most popular event. It normally attracts over 1000 reenactors and has a considerable variety of entertainments such as Fife and Drum Corps, 18th century military units drilling and performing music, 18th century crafts being demonstrated, and a very colorful historic encampment of over 400 camps.

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