Galloping Ghost Arcade

9415 Ogden Avenue

The Galloping Ghost Arcade was opened on Friday the 13th, August, 2010. We opened with 130 arcade games that were saved from the brink of destruction and restored for all to enjoy. In 2014, we had grown into the largest arcade in the world with over 440 arcade games, with games coming in from all over the world. The concept for the arcade grew from the lack of functioning arcades in the Chicago area. While many were still open, most did not take care of their machines and did not provide an environment to celebrate what arcades had lead us to in present day gaming. With the Galloping Ghost Arcade, our goals were clear from the start. Provide arcade gaming at a level not seen in before. We wanted to offer a cost effective place to play, host professional events and expose everyone to arcade games that they had not seen in decades.

Since its inception, the arcade has focused on bringing arcade gaming to the public with a professional attitude towards gaming. Our $15 entry fee has eliminated the need for quarters and tokens, which made it so you can spend the day playing arcade games without having to budget your tokens. It also has encouraged players to explore the vast number of games they may have never played before.

We have an incredible selection of arcade games ranging from the more common classics like Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man, to incredibly rare titles that many have never even seen in the arcades before, such as Primal Rage II, Hammer Away, and Godzilla.

The players that come to the Galloping Ghost Arcade have helped create a community that is unmatched. While extremely competitive, it is a very relaxed and inviting community. Players are quick to share information and help each other become better gamers. While some players take the competition to a very high level, they all respect other players at the arcade, creating an amazing environment from casual play to pro.

We look to continually evolve and make the arcade gaming experience here just that: an experience. This is not just a place with a bunch of games, but a place that is looked at as something special to everyone. Our goal is to continue to grow not only as an arcade, but help the resurgence of arcades all over the world.



Monday, July 10, 2017

If you want a fun time at a reasonable price: come here. Pros: -an incredible expanse of games from oldies to modern, all of which are in great working condition. -20$/all day games -in a great location with a 24 hr pancake house across the street. Near the zoo so you can go to the zoo in the morning, then come to the arcade to top it all off -the game variety is amazing, spanning casual to competitive games -great atmosphere with an incredibly friendly staff Cons: -a mix of a pro and a con, due to the large number of games that they have, it can be a bit cramped, but then again, there are hundreds of games here, so take your pick on if it's a pro or a con Overall: If you're within the state of Illinois, this is a great place to step into the amazing world of video games and retro arcade games. This place has the best staff, a nearly impossible to beat price, and a great selection for anyone of any caliber to enjoy an afternoon here! Well done galloping ghost!

Ryan L

Monday, June 19, 2017

At $20 a pop, what you have to realize is that you are not paying for 100 games of Defender. You are paying entry to a museum erected in homage to the kids of the 80's. Nearly all of the exhibits are fully working, interactive and you get to actually PLAY THEM. I have been planning to go for nearly a year and finally made it down for Father's Day. There are so many games at this place! What an incredibly daunting task it must be to keep all of these running in tip top shape! Yet MANY of them do. Some of the machines are in EXCELLENT condition, and just a ton of fun to revisit. A few...those CRTs just don't hold up, and they can be very dangerous to handle and dispose of. It's clearly a labor of love for the people who own it and work there. It is deeply appreciated by this older nerd! The buttons on everything worked nearly flawlessly. Let's put it this way, I used to work in arcades in the early 90's maintaining these things. This arcade has a FAR higher percentage of fully working machines in it than any I worked in when it was easy to get spare parts! That is saying a LOT with nearly 600 GAMES! My hat is off. The people who work there are all extremely nice and professional. Great job guys!

Drew Miller

Sunday, July 16, 2017

This place has some very rare arcade games. it has a ton of them and they always try to make sure each day to fix the ones that are broken. it cost $20 for the whole day and there are AC units that keep some sections of the arcade nice and cold. the shoot-'em-up gallery pretty much doesn't have any ac unit. they sell snacks and drinks at the front and they always make sure to keep collecting more games for their area. parking is a little bit struggling but it's otherwise a nice place

Eric G. Cochran

Saturday, July 8, 2017

This is place for those of us who grew up in the 80's playing video games. The games have definitely gotten better but it nice to know someplace has preserved the past. If you're a gamer that wants to take stroll down memory lane or introduce a new generation to the past, this is the place!

Holly Hofer

Monday, June 12, 2017

I've been here a few times in the past; this was my first since they upped the price and expanded to more sections in building. I think the new price is well deserved. It is always a wonderful time here and I think I had my most fun yet! Employees are friendly and quick to reset a machine if it gets wonky. Such a nice variety of games from old and new. Some of the rooms run on the hotter side which is unfortunate but honestly, they seem to do what they can (other rooms are cooler) and what else would you expect? If you are a fan of arcade games at all, this place is a must. Already planning another trip.