Information on:

Hickory Hills Skate Park

Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. till Dusk.

  • Do not use if equipment is broken or wet. Contact H.H.P.D. Maintenance Dept. at 598-1233 ext 7.
  • Skaters are responsible for inspecting equipment prior to use to ensure that is has not been vandalized and is safe for skating.
  • Helmets, knee & elbow pads, wrist guards are required while skating.
  • No ramps, boxes, etc. may be brought into the park.
  • NO GLASS in any form allowed.
  • No alcohol, drugs or tobacco allowed.
  • All participants will refrain from acting in any manner which may cause or contribute to death or injury to themselves or any other persons.
  • All participants will act within the limits of their ability and the/purpose of the equipment used.
  • Participants are allowed to skate only inside the facility.
  • Profanity, fighting or any disorderly conduct will result in expulsion from the skate park.
  • Graffiti of any kind is not allowed, this includes but not limited to stickers, markers or spray paint.
  • All participants will maintain control of their equipment while skating. 
  • The park district is not responsible for lost/stolen equipment.
  • Climbing fence to gain access is strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to arrest.
  • If rules are not followed H.H.P.D. may elect to temporarily or permanently close the park.
  • No bikes allowed in court area.
  • Park will be closed during inclement weather.

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