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Jersey County Fair

Jersey County Fair
100 W Fairground Ave

Jerseyville is just a short drive northwest from Alton. The town is named after the early settlers who migrated from New Jersey in the 1800’s. With its 124-foot dome, Court House Square overlooks the main street and historic homes of the community. Many of the unique houses are open for tours. The downtown shopping district is a reminder of days long past. Fine Country dining can be found here, and festivals and fairs are held throughout the year.

In some parts of America, the true county fair of livestock shows, carnival rides, rodeos and tractor pulls have become a dying breed. The Jersey County Fair Board has worked hard to maintain the traditions that the first Jersey County Fair was built upon in 1868. The fair continues to be an event organized for the purpose of exhibiting agricultural products, livestock and farm machinery, while keeping with the times and providing good wholesome family fun.

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