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Springfield - Knight's Action Park

1700 Knight's Recreation Drive

Park History

Knight’s Action Park & Caribbean Water Adventure have long been Springfield’s home for entertainment, excitement, and refreshing summer fun. Began as a golf driving range in 1952 by Golfing Pro George Knight, Sr., Knight’s Action Park has been a part of the Springfield area for over forty-five years. Today, Illinois favorite family fun park is home to water slides, batting cages, a fifty tee driving range, bumper boats, the classic Big Wheel, a giant wave pool, and much more. It is “where the action is” in central Illinois.

Knight’s Action Park & Caribbean Water Adventure provide guests with a beautiful natural setting as well as plenty of fun & excitement with entertainment for all ages. The thrill of the Devil Ray water slide, the crashing splashes of the Bumper Boats, or a leisurely trip aboard the Pedal Boats across the wide lake all provide amusement options for every age. Offering sheltered picnic pavilions, catering menus with delicious food choices, and a group services staff to assist in anyway necessary, Knight’s Action Park makes certain every family or group outing is a delightful experience for everyone.


Craig Williams

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018
The golf range is just about the only one in the area and it is a good place to practice. Putt putt is unique and can be a fun date The batting cages have always been well maintained and we have used them since my kids were young. The go-carts, rides, cages, water park everything is great. The quality at knights is top notch the price have been as well. Perhaps that is what it costs to maintain a great place in a small town. If you are local look at a season pass it is more affordable but for kids parties and other events it has gotten pricey. The staff there is well trained and I think very safety aware. I enjoy the giant Manta Ray is still scares me when you first go up the opposite side of the slide. All in all if you are on vacation. Hit Knights Recreation, it's a nice water park to enjoy.

Night Raven

Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018
So many memories were made here! At the YMCA in Clinton, at the end of every summer they would take us to Knights Action Park. I enjoyed it so much! My two favorite rides were the Lazy River and the Wave Pool! The popcorn chicken was my favorite thing to get there! That and dippin' dots! The prices were high sure, but they were totally worth the memories they made. So glad they still have the Wave Pool and Lazy River. Thank you Knights Action Park for making my childhood so incredibly memorable!

Mandy Wood

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018
Fun. Needs more attractions for the price. The place is a bit run down things need repainted. The kids had a blast though.

Scott Drummond

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Great place to go to get the kids out of the house.


Saturday, Sep. 9, 2017
Absolutely horrible place to go. It is expensive when you think about the service that you get is terrible. There was a dead mouse floating in one of the attraction pools. Half the water rides opened an hour late because their staff was late. The ferris wheel literally broke while we were on it. There was a kid operating the ferris wheel who had no idea what he was doing, obviously. There was no apologies made for the ride breaking while we were on it. Not even an acknowledgment of it breaking. They tried to ignore the fact that it broke, hoping we hadn't noticed.

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