Larsen's Light Show

42W891 Beith Road

The light show display brings the Christmas spirit to the local community, and we also set up commercial building light displays.



Monday, Dec. 5, 2016

Typically, this has been an exceptional event for many families to enjoy at Christmas time. The music is fantastic and is well picked for it celebrates Christmas, honors the armed forces, and rallies for Chicago sports teams. It is fully family friendly and I have never had any reason to hesitate bring children of any age or background to this wonderful presentation of lights. All you need to do is set your radio to 88.5 fm and either park or drive slowly past. HOWEVER, due to some visitor's lack of decency for both other visitors and the Larsen's neighbors the city was forced to impose criteria. The Larsen family has had to cut down the show and has had to implement a traffic flow. The show is currently about 10 minutes long and includes some intermission time for the cars to be moved out of the parking lot that the Larsens bought and made for this Christmas tradition. It was not as spectacular as it has been in the past when they had different shows based on the night you went, but it was still great. Note: I did hear that they are still programming some songs to make the show about 28 minutes. IF YOU ARE GOING OUT, please note that there are certain ways that you can get to the house. 1) Police do not want people to block the west bound Traffic of Beith Rd so you cannot park on the north side of the road or slow down to view the lights. 2) Anderson Rd is to be used to get to the house. 3) Unless you park in the parking lot and pay a mere $7 donation, you should continue driving slowly past the house and not park on the side of the road (Other people want to see it too and if you clog up the road you're ruining the fun for many more people) Tips for viewing: 1). Go as early as you can. Show starts at 5 pm, but people start coming at 4:30pm. Going early will get you a great spot in the parking lot and you will be able to stay for a full show and have a good view. 2). Be courteous and turn off your driving lights. It might seem like common sense but many people still shine their lights in other's cars and ruin the effects of the lasers with the bright glare of headlights or break lights. 3). Bring warm jackets, gloves, and hats so you and your kids can stand by the side of the car (in the parking lot) to get a fuller view than the windshield. 4). Cookies and cocoa are a great pair to snack on as you watch the lights. 5). Tell others. Thank the Larsens. This tradition is fantastic and should be continued for as long as possible.

Jacob Clark

Friday, March 17, 2017

Awesome show. Have to see it if you have not already. Best one in Illinois

Steve Kraft

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The most amazing Christmas light show I have ever seen in person one of the bass this place is on point

jeff hall

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017

This place is amazing. Alot of time invested into this show every year and it changes every time. Extremely recommended

Kevin Beck

Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016

Best light show I have seen in Chicago & suburbs the Blackhawk tribute was great Frozen for kids was also stunning