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Mt. Carmel Municipal Golf Course

Mt. Carmel Municipal Golf Course
700 Park Road

Through the efforts of Todd Drone, owner of Digigo Systems, this website has now been converted to a smart phone app for your hand held device. To add the FREE app to your phone, just open your browser on the device and type in the website address: You will automatically be taken to the app which makes the entire system more usable on your device. You can save the app by going to the bottom of the app page and adding to your Android, Blackberry or other OS device. I-Phone users will have the app automatically added to their home page by the internal software of the I-Phone.

Now, after the 1st day of each major tournament, you won't have to get to a computer to check your tee times for Sunday, you can easily do it from your smart phone. Thanks to Todd for his hard work in making this available to all users at no charge. I invite you to see what Todd can do for you in your small business in making an app for your webpage. Thanks Todd.

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