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National Great Rivers Museum and make a connection with Mighty Mississippi River. From the early Native American tribes to the rise of the steamboat era, the Mississippi River has played an integral role in our ecosystem, our culture and our economy. Watch as the river changes course and character over time, growing into the mighty force it is today. Discover the diversity of the ecology found in the river, floodplain and bluffs. Learn about your own watershed and become aware of your personal water consumption. Test your skills in the pilothouse as you steer a barge through the locks and dam.


Janet Skertich

Thursday, July 12, 2018
This was an educational experience!!! We took the tour on the locks and dam...watched an excellent movie, and all the exhibits were great about the Mississippi River's past & present, and wildlife found! Well worth the visit. Geared for children and adults!

Mark Zeman

Monday, May 14, 2018
A really interesting side trip. It offers an easy to understand look (good for all ages) at the great river, its uses and conservation issues. ALSO plan to tour the Lock and Dam, which is fascinating; you can watch the locks fill and empty, raising or lowering boats and barges. Cool!

Cheryl Harris

Friday, May 18, 2018
The National Great Rivers Museum and the Lock and Dam tour are a great free resource for anyone. This is especially great for families with children. It offers educational information about the great rivers, the eco system, the management of the rivers, and an insight into the Core of Engineers, plus the workings of and building of the dams. We took my parents there this past April. It was our first visit there. A lot of the people working there are retired volunteers who do a great job for no pay. Our tour guide that lead the Dam Tour was the most enthusiastic employee I ever saw that receives no salary, entirely volunteer. I never saw anyone with that much interest and dedication into what he was doing. He also works with the Core of Engineers recording data all on a volunteer basis. I asked him what he did before he retired. He said he was a teacher, but I forgot what he said he taught. This partly explains why he was such an interesting tour guide. He was also quite amusing and I found him to be a very interesting person. I have never even saw paid employees with this much enthusiasm in what they are doing. This amazed me and I was very impressed. There also was another retired man working at the visitor desk. My husband, him, and I had a great conversation. Plus we got to witness the camaraderie these volunteers share with each other. Thanks guys for the great visit we enjoyed it and your great efforts.

Pamelaj Madden67

Friday, June 15, 2018
Completely free museum and tour. Very interesting and well maintained. There was a picnic area that had been taken over by boyscouts- looked like they were having a ball.

Russ Musselman

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Nice displays. Seems aimed towards kids, but there's good info for everyone. I missed the lock tour and will have to return.

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