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Rockome Gardens

125 North County Road 425 East

History of Rockome Gardens:

Arthur and Elizabeth Martin started off with a dream to have the largest flower garden in Douglas County.   With that in mind, they purchased this 208 acre farm, five miles west of Arcola.  They decided to devote 7 acres of the farm to flower gardens, rock formations and their summer cottage.   Mr. Martin owned Progress Industries.  When work was slow due to the war and the depression, instead of letting his workers become unemployed, he sent them out to construct rock formations and fences.  Work toward development of the gardens has been going on since 1937.  The first gardens to be constructed were the sunken gardens.  Construction of the rockwork consisted of first a metal framework, and then a special consistency of concrete is imbedded into the frame and followed by native stone being set into the concrete.  85-90% of the rocks are local rocks from Rockome’s property and neighboring properties. The next gardens to be constructed were the perennial gardens which are just east of the sunken gardens.  The Martins went on expanding and beautifying their summer home.  After awhile word got around about how beautiful it was out at Rockome or “Martinome”.  Many visitors started to drive by and look at the interesting rockwork and the beautiful gardens.  The Martins decided to share their home with everyone who came by to see it. Some of the visitors would call this place Martin’s Rock home.  He liked that idea so he dropped the “h” and called it Rockome.  They did not charge any admission.  As Arthur Martin said, “It is merely our donation to your happiness to make us both forget war, strife, jealousy, death and destruction”.


Jaydyn Reed

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Love this place they have great gardens love the horses and the buildings also the gift shop is great and the food there will be a second time

Michael Hoggard

Friday, July 14, 2017
They have an indoor working beehive producing honey. The children love it!

Joy Gerbode

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Truly excellent food! Amish setting, delicious home cooking! The water and iced tea was really cold, so refreshing on a warm day! Homemade bread and apple butter was a special treat! We very highly would recommend this place to eat.


Thursday, June 1, 2017
The best donuts in the area.

Marshall Daily

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Spend a day with your family and enjoy trail riding, different shops, an amish village theme, an affordable restaurant, and even this wierd tic tac toe chicken....checkout their website for a neat video on that. I took my family out for the World War II event and that was a really really neat demonstration that even included the Saving Private Ryan Tank!

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