Terror on Washington Street Haunted House

513 East Washington Street

The building appeared somewhat small, so we thought we were in for a quick little adventure (a bad assumption on my part!).  We purchased our tickets, and this is when we were informed about the numbered waiting - we loved this! We were able to wander around, check out the awesome hearse out front, and not be stuck in line. Our wait was short, and our number called, so we hurried to the front door and were ushered into the opening scene...

...where I was immediately floored by the level of detail surrounding us.  Not one inch of this room wasn't covered in Something. It truly felt like we had stepped into an old house, not a storefront. The actors here stalked us while a recording read us the rules of the house, and then we were let loose.

Throughout the entire attraction, I could just not get enough of looking around! Everywhere you looked, detail, jam packed with items to bring the room together. From a well detailed library, an awesome butcher scene, outdoor cemetery type scenes, nothing was amiss here - you really felt immersed in the experience.

We were also pleasantly surprised when we came to a staircase down - and realized they've also utilized the basement, expanding the size of this haunt greatly! There was also an awesome use of space - props placed so that a small room felt big as you weaved back and forth, and scare spots where the same actor could get you multiple times. We saw this over and over throughout the house - kudos to the designers for really maximizing the space.

Other rooms of note were the clown room, a black and white patterned hallway designed to completely disorient you, and a "gallery" of famous horror characters (I even got a jump here!).