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The Asylum Skate Park and Skateshop

The Asylum Skate Park and Skateshop
29850 North Skokie Highway

The Asylum Skate Park was founded in 2010 by 25 yr veteran skateboarder Jeff Conyers from FL who grew up skating at the Skate park of Tampa and all around southwest FL. With the love for skateboarding and wanting a place to skate when it was freezing cold in Chicago. He sought the advice on opening his own park and sought out the guidance and advise of Skate park of Tampa's owner Brian Schafer and the rest was history.  The Asylum Skate Park became a reality on July 21, 2010 and opened to the public on September 19, 2010. The purpose of Asylum Skate Park is to provide a safe skate environment for people of all ages for in-line scooter ring and BMX along with skateboarding.

The store was founded with some base brands in the beginning to see what would work the peeps that come in asking for what they want. We tried to push the brands that you believe in and be open at the same time. We like to offer unique products and create a vibe in the store that will hopefully keep people coming back.

We didn't want to be just a skatepark with just an ordinary shop attached.  To incorporate a good skate scene we had to put little bit of money to throwing events to generate hype. We host events where everybody can come and have a good time. We give the kids positive things to be a part of. We just try and do good for the community and give people fun things to do.

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