The Asylum Skate Park and Skateshop

29850 North Skokie Highway

The Asylum Skate Park was founded in 2010 by 25 yr veteran skateboarder Jeff Conyers from FL who grew up skating at the Skate park of Tampa and all around southwest FL. With the love for skateboarding and wanting a place to skate when it was freezing cold in Chicago. He sought the advice on opening his own park and sought out the guidance and advise of Skate park of Tampa's owner Brian Schafer and the rest was history.  The Asylum Skate Park became a reality on July 21, 2010 and opened to the public on September 19, 2010. The purpose of Asylum Skate Park is to provide a safe skate environment for people of all ages for in-line scooter ring and BMX along with skateboarding.

The store was founded with some base brands in the beginning to see what would work the peeps that come in asking for what they want. We tried to push the brands that you believe in and be open at the same time. We like to offer unique products and create a vibe in the store that will hopefully keep people coming back.

We didn't want to be just a skatepark with just an ordinary shop attached.  To incorporate a good skate scene we had to put little bit of money to throwing events to generate hype. We host events where everybody can come and have a good time. We give the kids positive things to be a part of. We just try and do good for the community and give people fun things to do.


Jennifer Rapoport

Friday, July 14, 2017

Awesome place! Both my 5 & 8 year old learned how to skateboard here for the first time. The staff was warm, caring, professional and we had amazing teachers. So glad we found this spot!

Maxwell Lingenfelser

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Best Skatepark Ever! Membership is cheaper that other places and there is so much variety! I always want to go back! 10/10


Thursday, May 25, 2017

This is the biggest skate park I've ever been to. The Ramps are huge, the bowl is awesome, and there is a ton of street sections like the stairs. It is great for shooting clips though the lighting isn't great for the settings I was running, I could always change them next time. I have a few complaints but they are minor. The bowl is slippery, as expected from wooden bowls, and I got a splinter from the splintering wood on the bowl when i slipped. I asked for a bandage cause it was bleeding and I didn't wanna get blood on my grips, and it took twenty minutes for the employee to get me a bandage. It fell off anyway but it doesn't really matter. The employees were nice, if a bit too laid back. The shop had great products . They had soda's and stickers. I saw that they even installed someone else's grip tape for them. I love this skate park and I will hopefully be coming for the Lock-in On May 26th of 2017.

Stephen Serio

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017

Asylum Skatepark is the best indoor park in Illinois hands down. The park flows super nicely. Not to mention that this is the cheapest park I have seen in a long time price wise ($12). Skaters, scooters, and bikers all get along and have a nice push to better each other in the trick department. Environment is super chill, good music playing through out. If you see the complaints on here I deem them invalid in my opinion. The heat is more than adequate, the prices are the best I have seen in years, and the people behind the desk also skate there as well. So, five star rating from me and should be for everyone else if they have common sense.

Flutura Abdelhak

Monday, April 24, 2017

My son absolutely loves this place and was so excited to have his birthday here!!! The place itself is amazing, but I was really disappointed in the fact that the loft room upstairs was completely dirty with dust caked on when it came to his party, soda machine was broken, mini fridge had no water, no table for party guests (all of which was suppose to be included) I was soooo embarrassed in front of all the parents that's showed up from how dusty the room was. I wiped down all the counters and didn't bother to say anything until the end when things got heated. We had rented out skates and helmets for all the kids at the birthday and there were not even ready for us, which is fine, I politely asked the gentle man at counter and he brought them out. Then it came time to order pizza and a asked the LADY (forgot her name, super BEAST) if I cold order more pizzas for my party and she basically told me no, my notes said four pizza (found that super weird) since the guy on the phone told me it shouldnt be a problem and I can add more the day of when I have my final count. Told her I know but I don't think I have enough and I would pay extra, but she still said my notes say 4, anyways I left it alone. I saw that this wasn't going anywhere. Then one of the kids spilled there soda and all the straws flew on the floor, we asked for straws and they lady gave us attitude about the number of straws she gave us and why we need more, then she didn't have ice for the drinks, just very very extremely rude. I've been in the service industry for over 20 years and never experienced this in my life. If funny how the cleanliness of one place and one employee can ruin your whole party experience. Anyways....the kids had the best time ever and at the end that's what counts, but this place could have become one the biggest birthday party places in all of lake county for the entertainment.