The Richardson Farm

9407 Richardson Road

About Us:

The Richardson Farm was homesteaded in 1840 by Robert Richardson who emigrated from England. The farm has grown over the years to include 450 acres and 2 farmsteads. In addition to the traditional crops of corn and soy beans, we are growing over 50,000 Christmas trees, and have a large cornfield maze for you to visit during the summer.

Three generations of the Richardson family own and work on the farm. Margaret and Owen have three other children and 11 grandchildren who come on busy weekends to help during the corn maze and Christmas seasons We hope you enjoy your visit to our farm. Look around and have a good time.

Our first Christmas trees were planted in 1982, and we nearly quit when they quickly got lost among the weeds; but we joined the National Christmas Tree Association and the Illinois Christmas Tree Growers and learned how to control the weeds and care for the trees. We stuck with it, adding about 3000 trees per year, and more recently increasing the figure to 11,000 trees.

It takes a lot of work throughout the spring and summer to make a nice tree. We spray for weeds, mow in between the rows, and trim every tree each year. It takes a lot of time, but it's worth the effort when we greet all those happy folks who come to our farm to get a fresh, homegrown Christmas tree. What a wonderful time of year to create memories to last a lifetime! 

In 2001, we decided to put in a corn maze...which ended up being the world's largest and we still hold that title! Now, we can host more happy people during August, September and October, as well. Solving the maze is a wholesome, country adventure that you're sure to enjoy.

Every year we strive to improve and expand our entertainment offerings at our corn maze while still keeping that country feel. Our picnic area and campfires continue to be hugely popular. The pavilion by the concession barn is a great place to eat, visit with friends and stay out of the elements.

Some folks say the giant 50' long slide is worth the price of admission alone and every year we've added new activities for your enjoyment including our huge, 50' tall observation tower with an aerial view of the corn maze and our entire farm.

We are one of only a very few mazes in the country that is open late every night for a whole new twist on "corn mazing". There's nothing quite like finding your way through the mazes with flashlights or the light of the moon under the starry sky and after, cooking s'mores over a campfire. 


Jessica Castro

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Family friendly during the day, at night it's better to leave kids at home. After dark I was with my kids, and majority of trails smelled strongly of weed. Later we found a small bag of weed on the ground. My younger child discovered it and wanted to know what it was. Not the best way to have to talk about drugs to a kid.

Leidy Cachaplita

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016

It was a wonderful experience! I took my brother and was surprised how much you get for $16 a person. I enjoyed and had tons of fun! There are activities for all ages. Adults, kids, toddlers, etc everyone can have fun there. I tried almost everything. From the Train ride to shooting range, which is a kids friendly kind of pressure "gun" where you add tennis balls and shoots a a random things. It was awesome!

Joel Serre

Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016

The farm and atmosphere were fun. However the maze was boring and bland. I'm used to fun corn mazes where they give you a blank sheet and you have to assemble the map from pieces that you would find through out the maze. The Richardson farm gives you a full map and tells you where all of the hole punchers are marked on the map. This results in a bunch of people travelling the same path on the map to just get the punches. There is no fun and no challenge. I was really underwhelmed by what I though would be an amazing maze since it is boasted as the "largest corn maze in the world." This just goes to show that size doesn't matter. I would rather have a fun maze than a giant boring one.

Jason Shipley

Friday, Oct. 21, 2016

If you're going to do a Fall Farm activity this is the one to do we've been to them all over the years and this is certainly the best. It's not cheap, $58 for two adults and two kids, but at least most activities are included which is not the case with many of the other local farms. Food and drinks were really reasonable and (for festival type food) good. That said I'd have rather driven a bit farther north, hiked the trails in Kettle Moraine and stopped for a nice steak dinner on the way home.

Eric Balter

Monday, Dec. 26, 2016

I had a great time. The Star Trek theme to the maze really wasn't my thing. But the maze was great (20 punches scattered around what felt like a square mile corn maze). I hope to go back next year and try and complete the maze after dark.