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Villa Park Skatepark

Villa Park Skatepark
338 North Iowa Avenue

In September 2007 there were rumors of a plan to close the Villa Park skatepark. At the time numerous complaints were being reported of vandalism at the skatepark, including gang activity, graffiti, and loitering. After hearing the news of the plan to close the skatepark a group of 7 teens approached the Villa Park Board of Trustees at the October 15, 2007 meeting. Dillon Schea spoke to the board explaining that other individuals, and not the skaters were the source of the vandalism and other problems that were affecting the skatepark.

Their courage to stand up in front of the Villa Park Board of Trustees to voice their concerns and support to keep the skatepark open paved the way to the formation of the Villa Park skatepark Committee. However, to be taken seriously they, the skaters, had to organize to get out their story and to help keep the skatepark open. With the help of Paulina Jimenez, a tenacious mother of a skater, the first meeting of the Villa Park skatepark Committee was held on November 10 of 2007. At the meeting numerous community officials and skateboarders met to share their ideas of what needed to be accomplished in order to keep the skatepark open.

In less than a year the committee has organized a series of skateboarding and fund-raising events getting the validation and support from the community at large. Presently the committee is committed to see that the construction of a [ State of the Art Public Skatepark Facility ] becomes a reality in Villa Park.

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