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Westville Public Library District

233 South State Street

Our Mission Statement

The role of the Westville Public Library District is to provide materials and services to assist patrons in meeting their personal and educational needs.  Emphasis is on making available current and popular items to people of all ages, serving as a center for personal growth and entertainment.

History of the Westville Public Library

The establishment of the first Westville Public Library was due to the efforts of Nellie Taylor Raub. It was under her sponsorship that Tri Lambda Sorority was organized in 1937. The primary purpose of this organization was to provide a library to the community.

It began with a group of donated books which were put in circulation. The Sorority held rummage sales, bake sales, dances, tag days, door-to-door donation collections, and other fund-raising projects to raise money to establish the library. Donations of books from individuals and neighboring libraries continued to accumulate. As the collection grew, space was obtained in the Post Office building, which was lighted by an Aladdin Lamp, and was carried from place to place. Members of the Sorority gave volunteer service of two hours each per month. A library board was appointed in 1939.

A building was purchased in 1942 for use as a temporary site. In 1949, board member Miss Helen Redulis led a fund drive for construction of the building at 149 N State Street. Citizens bought bricks at $10 each. Many donated time and materials. That building opened in 1950.

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