Burger King

Burger King
905 Hen House Rd, Okawville, IL 62271, USA
(618) 243-5937


Paul Rodebaugh

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The drive through person never made eye contact or even a hint of a smile. Also she did not want to put the creamer into my coffee like every other establishment does. It is incredibly difficult to do this while in your car without getting coffee or cream either spilling out of the cup, dripping off the lid or rolling out of the creamer container once used as I do not have a trashcan in my car and want to keep my clothes and car interior clean. Wake up and smell the coffee Burger King! I won't be back.

Tim Spencer

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Evidently bk pays no attention to the reviews. If they did they may or may not do something about the circus they have at the 10657 location. How does burger king run out of burgers and coke. At the same time. Employees arguing in front of customers. The cashier telling customers he should have stayed in bed. Burger king really needs to examine this location and drain the swamp

William Sebestik

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

While I do typically avoid the BK at all costs, desperation got the better of me, and I went in. The food was about what I would expect (always ready for disappointment at BK.) The bathroom, however... every toilet seat (and there are 3) covered in urine. Nope!

TixSketh Bard

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I can say that there is a lot of stuff that happens behind the counter and that everyone working there is just having as bad day as u and that there trying to do there job but it’s just a horrible job to have here

Amanda Sykes

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Had the worst experience at okwaville, IL location. We never eat Burger King for breakfast but we are traveling and made the stop. They were very annoyed that we wanted to look at the menu in the drive thru. Asked us 3 times if we were ready yet. We ordered one meal and she said "is that it?" Well theres two of us so we ordered another meal and she said "is that it?" The lady had the worst tone with us while we were ordering. She didn't give us a total at the end, she just yelled at us to "just pull forward!" As if we were being very demanding. We pulled up to the window but left without paying or getting any food. Drove to McDonald's nearby where they were friendly and told us to have a good day. Bad customer service will not earn our money. I don't work my ass off every day to give what little money I have to jerks. We gladly drove somewhere else.