The 10 Best Doughnut Shops in Illinois!

There is something irresistible about doughnuts that appeal to our inner child. Doughnuts come in so many flavors, textures, and pretty colors that it’s nearly impossible to purchase just one. There’s nothing like visiting a family-owned doughnut shop and chomping into an authentic, homemade delight made fresh using traditional methods. Here are the 10 best in Illinois! 

1. Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee, Chicago, IL

For some of the best doughnuts in the city, look no further than Do-Rite Donuts. The doughnuts are moist and full of flavor and texture. Customers rave over the classic glazed cake, blueberry crumb, and cinnamon sugar doughnuts. They also serve gluten-free options.

2. Home Cut Donuts, Inc., Joliet, IL

Since 1966, Home Cut Donuts has been serving fresh, homemade doughnuts to the Joliet community. This family-owned business has two locations in the area, both serving scrumptious doughnuts that are just the right amount of sweet. Customers love the caramel apple and sour cream doughnuts. Get a dozen day-old doughnuts for just $5. 

3. Firecakes Donuts, Chicago, IL

Firecakes is a fun little doughnut shop known especially for their doughnut ice cream sandwiches. Customers also rave about the triple chocolate cake, chocolate glazed, old fashioned, and strawberry shortbread doughnuts. Firecakes is also open late, making it a popular destination for those late-night cravings. 

4. Doughnut Vault, Chicago, IL

This simple, very tiny doughnut shop has following of doughnut lovers who don’t mind standing in long lines for incredible doughnuts. Although their menu is simple and they don’t offer a wide selection of doughnut flavors, their doughnuts are fresh with a light texture. Customers recommend the caramel cinnamon, raspberry cake, and pistachio doughnuts. 

5. Spunky Dunkers, Palatine, IL

Known for their handmade doughnuts and fresh coffee, Spunky Dunkers is a hometown favorite. They feature a doughnut of the month and offer delicious cake doughnuts in a wide variety of flavors. Customer favorites include the red velvet, glazed chocolate, French cruller, and maple glazed doughnuts. Spunky Dunkers also has seasonal flavors that everyone seems to love. 

6. Glazed and Infused, Chicago, IL

Glazed and Infused specializes in handmade gourmet doughnuts made with the freshest ingredients. Between their seasonal flavors and specialty doughnuts, Glazed and Infused offers a tempting selection of vast flavors to appeal to any doughnut lover. Customer seem to go for the red velvet, maple bacon, strawberry kiwi, and peanut butter & jelly doughnuts. 

7. Stan’s Donuts, Chicago, IL

This doughnut chain is known for their extravagant flavors and friendly customer service. The shops decorated in retro-style and always offer a wide selection of doughnuts. Customers seem to love the lemon pistachio and chocolate old fashioned doughnuts. The doughnuts are on the heavy side and very sweet. 

8. County Donuts, Schaumburg, IL

Open 24-hours, Country Donuts in Schaumburg has old-school charm and an impressive selection of fresh, tasty doughnuts. Customers favorites include the Boston cream, maple, honey-dipped, and especially toasted coconut. Country Donuts is the place to go for your late-night doughnut cravings. 

9. Gurnee Donuts, Gurnee, IL

For over 20 years, Gurnee Donuts have been serving up specialty doughnuts for the community. The doughnut here are moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, meaning they are fresh. Customers especially love the old fashioned, chocolate glazed, and blueberry doughnuts here. Their customer service is also commendable. 

10. Country Donuts, Elgin, IL

Country Donuts has been the go-to doughnut shop of the Elgin community for decades. Their doughnuts are fresh and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Customers rave about the coconut and buttercrunch flavors. 

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