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911 S State St, Jerseyville, IL 62052-2344, USA
(618) 498-9526


Rodney Shekelstien

Monday, Dec. 4, 2017

Wait times here are the worst of any McDonalds I've ever been to. There's always a line around the building so I usually just look at it and drive past to Hardee's or Taco Bell (which aren't much better). Why does Jerseyville not seem to grasp the fast in fast food. I travel all over for work and every fast food joint in this town is terrible by comparison. This McDonalds is no exception.

Haley Schutz

Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017

Fries were hard and tasted terrible, sandwich barley had any sauce. Was not a good day at a place that is frequently ate at.

Troy Hipsher

Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017

They were swamped with 16 cars in the drive thru and handled it like champs! Went inside and was also clean. Friendly, smiling, attentive and had actual name tags on for 8 of the 10 i noticed. Abby, the manager was so polite and took my compliment with humility and grace. Very impressive all the way around.

Tammy Schaaf

Friday, Oct. 20, 2017

Horrible wait time for food. Manager sitting in dining room, not reacting to long lines or customers unhappy.

Lindsey Taul

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017

Waited 15-20 minutes last 3 times I've went through the drive thru. Just sat for another 10 and finally drove off without even getting to order. Nothing fast about this McDonalds.